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About STARS: Security & Data Integrity


STARS is the total solution when comes to being fully compliant with HIPAA and FERPA.
It provides you with many built in safe guards to protect and secure your data to ensure it's integrity. These features protect both you and the students information.


STARS Security & Data Integrity Features

  • Password Protection: All access to the students records is restricted.
  • Multi-Level Access: Passwords allow different access privileges to different users.
  • Record Authentication: Each health record is stamped with the date, time, and name of the creator.
  • Overwrite Protection: When a record is changed the original information is saved.
  • Audit Trials: All modifications to health records are tracked by date, time, user and original data is saved.
  • Audit Reports: A report detailing all modifications to an individual health record can be generated.
  • Confidential Reports: Reports requiring confidential data can generated without identifying students.
  • Record Archive: Once a health record is archived it can no longer be modified
  • Automatic Data Backup: Data can be automatically backed up to a secure location / media storage device.

Using STARS provides you with one of the most robust set of the features available to manage your electronic health records in a private, confidential and secure manner. However, it is important to mention there are some non- software related issues regarding your health center and HIPAA and FERPA compliance that need to be considered when using electronic records.

  • Computer Monitors – place computer monitors away from casual traffic so students or other unauthorized personnel can’t view them. Typically the monitor screen would face away from the door. The use of security screens can also help prevent unauthorized viewing.
  • Screen Savers – use a screen saver that is activated when your computer is idle for more than a couple of minutes. Also it’s a good idea to use a screen saver password that needs to be entered before you can return to the program. This feature is available in both the PC and MAC operating systems.
  • Passwords – each authorized user of the system should have his/her own unique password, which should be kept strictly confidential. If passwords are shared or even known by others the legality of the electronic records may be compromised. Passwords should be changed every few months. Access rights associated with passwords should be appropriate for the job being performed.
  • Removable Media – removable media, such as CD’s, ZIP disks, and floppy disks should be kept in a secure, locked location. Electronic encryption is also a good option but in any event don’t leave them laying around where they can easily wander off.
  • Offsite Storage – always store a copy of your student health records away from your primary location so you can recover in the event of a disaster. ( fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane ,etc.)
  • Security Plan – develop a Student Health Information Security Plan detailing which school personnel needs access to student health records to perform their jobs and what their access level should be. Criteria should also be established for granting varying levels of access privileges. Specific information related to the privacy, confidentiality, security and integrity requirements should be communicated.
  • In-service Programs – all authorized users as identified in the security plan should be given training in the security requirements before they are given access to the program. This should also include the computer support personnel from your school. When computers break and need repaired or when the program is run from a server or backed up on a server the computer personnel have access and need to be part of the training program.

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